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Product Description

The textile industry can be divided into three industries based on its end use, namely clothing textiles, industrial textiles, and decorative textiles. The decorative textiles industry is generally referred to as home textiles, which is also known as home textiles. The bedding industry is one of the sub industries of home textiles. Bedding is an important component of home textiles. According to the classification of the China Home Textile Association, it includes 1 bedding category, 2 curtains category, 3 washing and kitchen textiles category, 4 furniture textiles category (cushions, seat cushions), etc. The output value of bedding products accounts for over one-third of China's home textile industry, reaching 100 billion yuan in 2004; In 2006, the output value was around 250 billion yuan, including products such as bed sheets, blankets, and pillows. The bedding industry is also known as the bedding industry, or the bedding industry, bedding industry, and indoor soft decoration industry. The concept of integrated bedding is to design various bedding items as a whole and sell them in combination.