Health, fashion, diversity, taste

Mainly engaged in textiles, knitwear, down products, clothing, shoes and hats, luggage and other products.


Don't forget your original intention and have the courage to develop

Committed to becoming an "expert" in the home textile industry


Join hands and create the future together

The company adheres to the spirit of excellent quality, fair prices, and thoughtful service as its guidelines


Bermo Trading

Show and interpret the unique charm of modern home with strength

The company has over 200 professional advanced equipment sets, including four piece production lines for fabric cutting, flat sewing, quilting, cotton thinning, and quilt fitting, pillow filling machines, and multi needle embroidery machines. It also has a team of over 200 high-quality employees, including more than 50 professional technical management personnel.

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Professional talents

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Production equipment

Corporate culture

The company adheres to the spirit of excellent quality, fair prices, and thoughtful services, adhering to the action concept of "never forget the original intention, be brave in development", equipped with a professional research and development team, and a sales elite team, constantly pursuing the excellent quality of "health, fashion, diversity, and taste"

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Since its development, the company's export business has covered the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea, Dubai, India, Saudi Arabia, Israel, France, South America, Uruguay, Belgium, Morocco, South Africa, Africa, Hungary, Poland.

How to Identify High Quality Silk Quilt

Regular silk quilts have inspection ports, and after opening the inspection port, the silk inside is clear at a glance. Regular silk quilts are not quilted, only slightly sewn with needles at the corners and surface of the quilt to prevent silk from slipping; Nowadays, some manufacturers use quilts made of inferior or mixed with fake silk to sew the entire quilt, making it impossible for consumers to inspect the filling material inside. At this time, consumers should be careful and pay attention.

Fabric organization structure

Plain weave fabric: The warp and weft yarns are interwoven every other strand, with densely arranged interlacing points and no difference between the front and back sides. Therefore, plain weave fabric has a tight structure, a firm texture, a relatively light and thin texture, good abrasion resistance, and penetration, but a hard feel.